Saturday, April 15, 2017

Book Review #35: The Hunt for Red October

***Note:  This book is not in the public domain.  --Tim

The Hunt for Red October was the first book by Tom Clancy and also the first book written in the Jack Ryan series. This book takes during the Cold War. In this book, the Red October is the newest nuclear missile submarine in the Soviet Unions fleet and is captained by Marko Ramius. On the maiden voyage of the Red October which is to be an exercise to test the abilities of the new submarine which include technological advancements such as a new drive system which is very quiet and around impossible to detect by sonar. The problem is the submarine does not show up in the area where the exercise is to take place. Ramius and his senior officers, all hand picked by Marko, had planned months before the exercise to instead to head to America and seek asylum in the United States. As soon as the Soviet Navy finds out about him not being in the exercise area, the send around there entire Atlantic fleet to stop and destroy the Red October. Jack Ryan, an analyst for the CIA, is the first American to figure out what’s going on. He is sent out on Presidential orders to try to find the Red October and find out whether that is their intent.

This is the book that when I first read it back in the eighties that got me addicted to techno-thrillers and thrillers in general. Before that I read mainly science fiction and fantasy, and occasionally a mystery. After that I kept buying and reading books by Clancy, as well as Larry Bond, Dale Brown and other writers that wrote in that genre. If you are interested in reading a book in that genre or by Tom Clancy, I suggest this as a good book to start.

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Tim’s Rating: *****
(Five out of five stars)

I’m off to read another book. Check back periodically for more book reviews.

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