Friday, May 5, 2017

Book Review #41: Without Remorse

Without Remorse is the seventh novel written by Tom Clancy, the first in the Jack Ryan Universe. John Clark is a hero that appeared in several Jack Ryan novels beginning with The Cardinal of the Kremlin. He instantly became a loved hero along with Jack Ryan. This book takes place well before Jack Ryan foiled the terrorist attack in London (see during the Vietnam war had details how a former Navy Seal starts working for the CIA. It includes a dangerous and unlawful side of him that was taken care of by the CIA once he became a regular employee of theirs.

This is a book that I first read when it came out and finally reread. It is 750 pages of action in the way that only Tom Clancy could have written. If you can’t imagine, it is among my favorite books.

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Tim’s Rating: *****
(Five out of five stars)

I’m Of to read another book. Check back periodically for more book reviews.

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