Sunday, May 15, 2016

Book Review #2: The Time Machine

     It seems that movies and television shows that incorporate in them are big hits. Look at the popularity of the three Back to the Future movies. I have looked at listings of other movies and I have seen a good amount that have a tie-in to time travel in the description. I have to admit that I'm a fan of Dr. Who, I have been since the mid-70's.

     With the popularity of the desire to travel through time I decided to read The Time Machine by H.G. Wells. The book was published in 1895 which shows that people though of time travel for a good while. The book starts out with the Time Traveler talking with a group of learned people of various types of backgrounds at his house and lab. He was talking of geometry which pretty much only talks about three dimensions. He keeps hinting to the fourth dimension which is time. He tells the group that he is about done building a time machine. Around the full group feels the he's pulling their leg.

    A week later some of the same group plus a fewer come to his house as the had been doing weekly for a few months. He's not there when they get there, but he left a note for them to wait or him. He comes in where they're waiting dirty and scraped up and walking with a noticeable limp. He told them that he finished building the time machine that morning. Around the rest of the book is his narrative of his trip to the year 802701. In it he compares what he sees in the future to what it was like in the late 19th century England.

     I had to reread the first chapter a few times because it was rough grasping what he was talking about at first. Once he goes into his narrative the book gets a lot more exciting. While reading that part, I pictured in my mind of Dr. Who taking a trip in the Tardis to that time (it would make a good episode).

     If you like some of these time travel movies or television shows like Dr. Who, you might like this book.

Tim's Rating: ****
(4 out of 5 stars)

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