Thursday, May 12, 2016

New Blog

     I have tried writing blogs in the pat, but horribly failed. I would write a few posts and then would stop adding posts. For this new blog I'm starting out by saying that there is no set frequency for when I write new posts.

     You may have noticed the title of the blog, "Tim's Reviews" and wonder what I'll be reviewing. My response is that I'll mainly be reviewing books and music. Every once in a while I'll write a movie review.


     Most of the books the I'll be reviewing will be in the form of ebooks that I got for free from Project GutenbergMany BooksFeedbooks  or Internet Archives. I have FBReader installed on both my laptop and tablet that enables me to read the the books that I download from those websites.

     I also have the kindle app loaded both my laptop and tablet where I can purchase books from Amazon's kindle store which includes many that you can get for free.

     I have Nook SimpleTouch as well as the nook app on both my laptop and tablet. I can purchase ebooks from including many that are free.

     For finding deals on new books that I can get for free, I am subscribed to Many Books email that is a daily email that lists the ebooks that you can get for free or a low price (under $5) and store/device that has them for that price.

     Last of all for books, I do go to the library at times where I check out books that I'll review. I also own some physical books that I might review.


     I collect music in the form of records, cassette tapes and compact discs. Combined I have over 2,000 albums on at least one for those media. Most of them are from between 1960 and 1989 from most genres. At times I'll review an album from my collection.


     At times I'll review a movie that I viewed from Netflix, Amazon Prime, Internet Arcives or a DVD that I own. I watch many genres and if I like a movie, I'll review it.

     This post is longer than what my posts will normally be. I just wanted to give you information in this post of what I'll review and the sources for the items.

     If you have comments for any of my posts, please leave them in the comments below.

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