Thursday, September 15, 2016

Book Review # 9: The Golden Skull

To start out, I need to apologize for not posting anything here for over a month.  A combination of being busy and my health problems caused a big portion of that.  I started going through treatment for some of my health problems earlier this week that should help out.

The Golden Skull is the tenth book in the Rick Brant series by John Blaine.  In this book Rick and Scotty accompany Dr. Tony Briotti, an archaeologist with the Spindrift Foundation, to a mountainous area with aborigines to find some lost sacred relics, the largest of which  is a golden skull.  The problem is that there are others trying to find the same items through them, some of them for monetary reasons, others for religious.  Like the other books in the series that I've reviewed there are many adventures encountered along the way.

Yes, this a boys series book from the 1950's, but as I said in an earlier review, I like reading some of these boys and girls series books because they have adventures in them that keep you riveted throughout the book.  Just like the other ones in the series I thoroughly enjoyed this book.

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Tim's Rating: ****
(Four out of five stars)

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