Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Book Review #26: 80 AD: The Jewel of Asgard

***Note:  This book is not in the public domain.  --Tim

80 AD: The Jewel of Asgard (Book1) is the first book in the 80 AD series by Aiki Flinthart. It is a fantasy series aimed at young adults, but has been read by many adults, also. In the first book Phoenix and Jade, both around 13 years old, never met before and both having a parent they despise, start playing a pre-release copy of a new computer game titled 80 AD at the same time. All of a sudden they are both pulled into the game which is set in Britain back in 80 AD, where they meet. Not knowing what is happening since the online version hasn’t started up yet, they find it weird that the are more than playing the game, but playing it. They soon find out that they have a quest that they must complete together, otherwise the world in the game and their real world will be changed forever for the worse. They got through the game scared and wondering how they will be able to accomplish the quest.

This is the first fantasy book that I’ve read for a good while and enjoyed it. Even though it is aimed at the young adult audience, there is enough action to keep adults engrossed in the story. It is a Smashwords book, so I’ll include a link to the book in the links below. It kept me wanting to read more.

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Tim’s Rating: ****
(Four out of five stars)

I’m off to read another book. Check back periodically for more book reviews.

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