Friday, February 10, 2017

Book Review #24: Northern Lights

***Note:  This book is not in the public domain.  --Tim

Northern Lights is the second novel written by Tim O’Brien. This novel follows brothers Paul and Harvey Perry for around a year starting with Harvey returning home from the Vietnam War, after losing an eye, in a small town in northern Minnesota. The book covers both the life of a veteran from that war and life in that area the forests that fill that part of the country. It gives account of adventures encountered during a cross country ski trip as well as other aspects of their lives.

I just recently found out about Tim O’Brien. I can’t remember where I heard or read about him. He is originally fro Austin, Minnesota which is fifty miles or less from my hometown in Iowa. This is the first book by him that I’ve read. When I was a teenager, my family went on vacation up in northern Minnesota two or three times where we would spend a week camping, canoing and fishing. While reading this book, his descriptions of the places they would go brought back memories of those trips. His descriptions gave enough detail that the reader could actually place themselves in those settings which you can’t always say for many novels.

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Tim’s Rating: ****
(Four out of five stars)

I’m off to read another book. Check back periodically for more book reviews.

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