Monday, December 12, 2016

Book Review #17: The Sign of the Four

The Sign of the Four is the second Sherlock Holmes novel by Arthur Conan Doyle. In it Sherlock Holes and Dr. Watson are hired by Miss Mary Morstan whose father disappeared ten years earlier just after returning to England from India ten years earlier. Four years after her father's disappearance, she started anonymously receiving one large pearl each year. then suddenly she received a letter saying her she was wronged and to come meet that evening at a particular public place and she could bring two friends, but no police. She brings Holmes and Watson as her friends since she had no other friends around. From there they are on an adventure solving a murder and chasing a stolen treasure.

I enjoyed this book. I think it is a must read for anybody that likes mysteries. It is full of adventure on both land and water.  In this book he also gives a small glimpse at how Holmes and Watson spend their time while not trying to solve a crime.

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Tim's Rating: *****
(Five out of five stars)

I'm off to read another book. Check back periodically for more book reviews.

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