Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Book Review #18: My Reading Life

***Note:  This book is not in the public domain.  --Tim

My Reading Life is a non-fiction book by Pat Conroy, author of The Great Santini, The Lords of Discipline and The Prince of Tides, among others. In this book he writes about books that he's read that influenced him and his writing throughout his life. He writes about the people that introduced him to the writings such as his mother and teachers. He also talks about some of his life experiences and how he learned to write about them in his books to make them seem more real.

I ran across this book in the library when I was just browsing in the non-fiction section. I like this book because he discusses books and authors in a way that makes me want to read them. These vary in genre and when they were written. I think that it is a good book for people to read who are looking for other authors and books that they might like to read.

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Tim's Rating:  ****
(Four out of five stars)

I'm off to read another book. Check back periodically for more book reviews.

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